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Pentins: your financial future is in safe hands

We work with a huge range of hard-working business owners. We advise them on the financial decisions they should consider today, for the personal future they want to enjoy.

Who do we work with?

We specialise in working with business owners and entrepreneurs. Our clients are sole proprietors and partnerships, right up to medium-sized companies, and we cover a wide range of sectors.

Pentins is a family founded and run business. That means we know how hard you work. We also understand that sometimes it’s difficult to look beyond the end of the week, never mind find time to plan for your secure personal future.

How Pentins can help

Pentins are independent financial advisors (also known as IFAs). Not only do we offer unbiased advice, unlike some financial advisors we have no restrictions in the range of investment products we can access and recommend.

Our hand-picked, experienced and professionally qualified team thrive on treating all of our business clients as individual cases. We know that together we are more likely to find the best route to meeting your future financial objectives.

What is a Pentins Financial Plan?

No two businesses are alike. Our clients vary both in size and in the complexity of their financial requirements.

To keep things streamlined and effective, we offer three levels of plans. Each level reflects the work required to reach both your business and personal financial goals.

The Pentins process

(How we work with our valued clients)

We aim for a process that is straightforward, but that also captures everything we need to know. This way we can be honest and open about your aims and options, and how you can achieve them.

First…. we listen

We invite you to tell us about your current business and personal situation: where you are now, and where you aim to be in the future.

Next… we explore and dig deep

To ensure you’ve thought of everything, we ask you the right questions. This means that any plan is based on concrete foundations that suits your situation – and that we are the right team for you.

After that… we explain the process and costs

We are up front about our strategies, the benefits and the costs to you. Our reputation is based on creating individual financial plans that optimise outcomes for each client.

Now….  we really investigate

We use the financial data and personal information you supply and apply it to a range of appropriate financial approaches. We then advise on sound routes towards your optimal personal financial future.

Finally – we strategize

Whilst being realistic, at Pentins we also pride ourselves on being financially innovative and creative. At this point we advise you on the appropriate Pentins Plan required to meet your goals. Our plans often include strategies and ideas that have not have considered by our clients.

  • We ensure you’ve thought of everything
  • We explain the process
  • We recommend the Pentins Plan that fits your personal situation
  • We get on with the work, keeping you fully informed and up to date

Maximise the wealth you have today and secure a financial future you can enjoy

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