Your prosperity – our mission 

The time to make decisions about your future wealth isn’t tomorrow.

It is always today.

You’re a business owner?

You work hard – but don’t want to work like this forever. In fact, you’re ready to ensure the best financial return on the effort and hours you’ve put in.

The business owners we meet at Pentins have this in the back of their minds:

Am I doing the right things with what I have – for the future I want?

When you work with Pentins, you are the one taking control of your wealth. We don’t just tell you stuff. We are also your accountability partner. We get you to deadlines, keep you moving forwards, and update you on how things are progressing.

Prepare to plan for your financial future

Of course you don’t intend to spend money without a return. Before you commit, get in touch to check us out, meet up, ask questions and get the ball rolling. (There is no obligation until you are certain we are right for you.)

The first step is the hardest….

Many business owners have already trod this path.

Consider some of these FAQs:

Absolutely. As Independent Financial Advisors we research and recommend the best plans and products on the market for you. (We also update them, too!)

It varies. We will tell you which course is most financially beneficial for you.

Yes. Definitely, 100% – yes.

Straight off? Don’t panic. Not everyone needs a full estate plan!

Pentins is not about being cheap, but providing good value. And in our experience, it will cost you more not to do this.

  • Trust us to gather all the info to know what you need
  • Your subscription fee level will match this

Our membership packages are designed to match the specific range of products that your personal situation requires. (Not that we will make the most money from).

We will explore and share the most financially beneficial choices you have to maximise this (and other ‘windfalls’) for you and your family.

Yes. Depending on their ages, we can advise on where to put your money now so it will work the hardest for when they need it.

Depending on the size of your portfolio (and when you need to access the funds) we will plan the optimum strategy to match your personal goals.

An accountant is great for auditing your accounts and creating accurate statements. A financial planner is establishing your future aspirations and ensuring that your objectives can be met in the most effective way possible, with the financial resources available.

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