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Throughout your life you will need a range of financial products such as insurance, mortgages, savings and pensions. Financial advisors are experts in this field and can help you make the right choices and avoid expensive mistakes.

Pentins Financial Planners are proud to be Independent and able to offer our clients the best advice for their specific circumstances.

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Our independent advisers are able to select product for customers from the whole of market – that means they can potentially recommend any product from any company providing it suits your needs and objectives. With such a wide choice of companies, investments and saving tools you can be reassured that you are not simply being provided with a standard recommendation – and are getting truly personalised advice.

To ensure you do get personal advice your financial adviser will ask lots of questions about you and your circumstances to enable him to advise you. Remember to be as open and honest as you can, because the adviser’s recommendation will be based on the information you provide.

All financial advisers have to provide their customers with the relevant important disclosure documents, detailing the following: information on services provided by the firm, how the firm is paid for the business it conducts, their complaints procedure, Data Protection and coverage under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You can ask to see our disclosure documents at any time, simply contact us for these.


Your adviser can help whatever your financial objectives and whatever priorities you have:

Insurance: We can provide advice and on life assurance, income protection including critical illness, and business insurance to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected in the event of illness or accident.

Savings & Investments: Whether you’re looking for the best way to invest a lump sum or aiming to save for a house, car or university fees we can help. We are specialists in a broad range of savings options including, bonds and guilts, ISAs, investment funds, equities, property and more.

Pensions: The pensions rules are changing rapidly and the options available to those approaching retirement are increasing. We can help you make the best decisions on choice of pension scheme and the best way to take your benefits. Businesses too need to adapt to the changing pension landscape we can help with auto enrolment and workplace pensions.

Tax Planning: If you want to retain as much of your hard earned money as possible effective planning is essential. Our tax planning service can help mitigate exposure to inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax.

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Why Pentins?

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Pentins Financial Planners independent financial advisers have over 50 years experience in financial services and a proud track record of helping clients achieve their dreams.

We offer a personal service to our client who value the relationship with their adviser.

If you’d like to find out how Pentins Financial Planners can help you achieve your dreams please get in touch.

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