Shall I drive?

Shall I Drive

I meet people with varying amounts of time pressure, different attitudes to control and various level of interest and experience when it comes to financial stuff. If I ask a question, I get different answers.

Can I show you the process we used to select the fund in which we recommend you invest?

Can you include it in the report please for reference when I get time – let’s move on

No thanks – I chose an IFA so I didn’t have to think about all that. It’s your job to compare and select and I trust you.

Yes please – I need to understand the criteria, so I feel comfortable all the things that matter to me have been considered in the process and how they have been measured.

None of these responses are right, wrong or unusual and being a good financial planner is about fitting into what is needed to get the job done with everyone feeling and that their needs have been met.

When we go on a road trip we can’t all drive, but someone has to. I like to establish if you want to drive, navigate or be a passenger on the trip.

You can drive if you like driving and enjoy the control. I can navigate because I have been this way before and I have some great maps.

You can navigate and I will drive if you prefer. You can work out how to use my maps if you so desire and we are unlikely to get lost as I know the way. You will also feel better prepared and more able to find your way next trip.

You can hop in the back and be a passenger if that works for you. Maybe multitask to make maximum use of time or have a well-earned snooze. I can drive and use sat nav if I need navigation support while you can focus on other priorities.

There are two things that don’t work in this analogy;

You need to be in the car. There is a certain amount of input and commitment that is necessary to the financial planning process. To arrive you need to travel.

I am a lousy passenger and there seems little point in bringing me on the journey if you don’t feel you want any help with navigation or driving.

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Sam Secomb

Chartered Financial Planner and Managing DirectorSamantha Secomb joined Pentins as their Chartered Financial Planner 2015 and is now a shareholder and director of the business.Samantha is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society which is widely accepted as the premier qualification standard for advisers in this country. Having reached the top in her professional qualifications she is currently studying with Warwick Business School for her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

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  • Jason Couch
    Posted at 18:05h, 15 October Reply

    Haha – did make me chuckle – an excellent analogy, and very true. I can also say that for anyone looking for a Financial Planner, Sam, Oliver and their team are very, very accomplished drivers and navigators!!!

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