Personal Finance Portal

Personal Finance Portal

Pentins Financial Planners/Women’s Wealth have invested in safe and secure communications with our clients.

It is a sad fact that financial advisers and accountants had become a target for scams that involve criminals intercepting emails and then impersonating professional advisers.

As finance professionals we are privileged to know a lot about our clients, and they trust us with their money. A criminal may be able to persuade a client to move money around if our client believed the message had come from us and these fraudsters are on the look out for identity information to steal.

To keep us all safe we have a document sharing facility and secure messaging service which is simple to set up and easy to use – Personal Finance Portal. Once clients have their access to the portal set up we agree that all documents with personal information are shared via the portal and any instructions or sensitive information would be sent via secure messages – just going through the process of setting up Personal Finance Portal access with a client heightens everyone’s awareness and substantially decreases the risks of any of us becoming victims of crime. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but as it is I am pleased to offer this secure service to our clients

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