Samantha Secomb

I am a bad mother with wayward children

Apparently, at the grand age of 52, I am a Generation X mother.  In financial terms I am part of a credit hungry generation who has strutted its way through life to the sound track of Saturday Night Fever with Yuppie attitudes, photos albums stuffed with polaroid’s of  grand holidays financed on credit cards, large well-furnished heavily mortgaged houses and flash cars on finance. We are a generation approaching our retirement without having yet paid for the lifestyles we are enjoying let alone saved for our non-earning years.

To make the generational stigma just a little worse, I realise my spawn are Millennials (born early 80s to early 2000s) who learnt from Generation X to borrow and spend. They borrow from the government to complete their education, they don’t think twice about spending £500 on weekend music festival and they are still living at home because no one taught them to save for a deposit  to buy a house because in our day you could get 120% mortgages!

Please help me feel just a bit better about myself by booking an appointment to get your finances sorted and while you are at it get the kids in to speak to me so  I can begin to  repair the damage  of the past.

Happy New Year

Samantha Secomb APFS

Chartered Financial Planner

Generational Cohorts Born Current Age
Millennials Early 80s to early 2000s  17 to 35
Generation X Early/mid 1960s to early 80s 35 to 52
Baby boomers Post WWII 1946-1964 52 to 70
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