Creating your Master Plan

Creating your Master Plan

Money is just a means to an end. We need money to in order to live the life we want. Financial Planning is about getting the money organised to deliver the dreams by creating your personal Master Plan.

Our financial planning app is a dynamic and sophisticated bit of kit which helps with the process. It crunches the numbers and portrays the results in a an easy to read format:


Creating your Master Plan:

How much do we need to be able to retire at 60 and live the life I want?

If there is a market crash before I retire will I have to work on and make up the shortfall?

I want to stop commuting, but it means taking a serious pay cut. How much will I lose out by doing this?

Do we have enough to be able to give our kids a deposit for a house or is this reckless? We don’t want to run out of money ourselves, but we would like to help them.

We want to travel. How do we manage things to get the best result to support our globetrotting?

Each of these questions require loads of calculations to deliver an answer. It starts with the current finances, looks at how finances will change over time due to your needs, inflation, investment returns and tax treatment.

Once we feed the modelling app with the current data, we can then project, manipulate and test any scenario that comes to mind and deliver results in easy to interpret graphs and maps.

Voyant Screenshot
Voyant Screenshot

It’s inevitable that immediately you see the answering you will think … Ahhh but what if………..?

What if I get made redundant?

What if the markets crash just as we want to retire?

What if one of us gets sick?

Its human nature to be curious and the modelling software is great at churning out the answers. You will get to know exactly where you stand. You will be able to recognise the potential problems, exploit the opportunities and navigate the optimum path to your goal. Powerful stuff.

If you would like to know more about your financial position and how to mitigate losses to ensure a comfortable future, please contact us and make an appointment to come and see us.

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