Samantha Secomb

Chartered Financial Planner and Managing Director

Samantha Secomb joined Pentins as their Chartered Financial Planner 2015. As a shareholder and Director of the business she champions practices described as:

independent, unbiased and whole of market, but in her own words these are all just various ways of saying

“we put our clients best interest at the heart of all we do”.

Samantha is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society which is widely accepted as the premier qualification standard for advisers in this country. Having reached the top in her professional qualifications she is currently studying with Warwick Business School for her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Sam is passionate about her work and enjoys making a difference for the benefit of clients including launching a fresh and innovative brand called Women’s Wealth.

She is often heard to say “we are good for our clients and proud of ourselves” as this is Pentins ethos.