Mick Rendell

Independent Financial Adviser

Mick joined Pentin’s in November 2022, but with 30 years of experience as an Advisor in Financial Services. Mick moved to Pentins with Dan and Gemma as a Team and now work as an integral part of the Pentins Team.

With 30 years of experience in advising individuals and in the corporate world advising SME companies and employees at all levels he has a passion in the financial wellbeing and education of all clients. Mick believes our aim is helping people reach their financial goals and that clients look after by being clients so we must do our utmost to look after them in return.

He’s a Registered Employer Agent with The Pensions Regulator allowing us to setup and administer Auto-enrolment and Workplace Pension schemes on behalf of employers.

His hobbies include spending time with family & friends, cycling (road, tandem, cyclocross & mountain bike and having originally started work as an engineer 40 years ago carrying out adjustments & repairs on his and friend’s bikes), running, indoor climbing and trying to learn Spanish (por muchos años).