Jack's five top tips for being an apprentice

5 Tips for being an apprentice!

Hi guys, we’re going for something a bit different with the blog this week. It’s been nearly 7 months since I joined Pentins and I’d like to think I know my way around the office by now, which is why this week I will be sharing my top 5 apprenticeship tips with you.

  1. Positive thinking!
    My first tip for anyone tackling an apprenticeship would be to make sure you go into it with a positive attitude. This will help you untold amounts when you’re getting off the mark in your new role, not only will it put out a good impression to fellow colleagues, but it will also help you to improve with your personal learning. After all, if you have a negative attitude, you’ll only end up growing frustrated about not knowing everything and that’s the reason for the apprenticeship.
  2. Embrace the tea making
    As much as I hate to admit it, as the office junior you can’t be too surprised if you’ve got to do the odd tea round here and there. Don’t see it as a bad thing, see it as a way of helping your other colleagues….it makes it slightly more bearable. Although there is one tip I’ve got if you find yourself doing a few too many tea runs, you can either make some very poor tea and coffee so you’re not asked anymore……or slip some salt into the person who keeps wanting twenty cups a day. Your choice.
  3. Ask questions!
    It’s important to remember that you’re on an apprenticeship to learn the job. If you knew the job then you would just be doing it already……simple. With this is mind it is important that you always ask if you have any questions, don’t be worried that your come across silly or think that your supervisor won’t want to be bothered, if you have a question then ask it. It will help your learning whilst allowing the person overseeing your apprenticeship to see what areas of the role you might need extra help with.
  4. Time management
    Make sure your arranging your tasks and using your diary effectively! The last thing you want to be doing is forgetting you had work outstanding, or even worse, forgetting to call your apprenticeship trainer to tell them how well your skills are developing…….it won’t be easy telling them you think your time management skills have improved when you’ve forgotten you even had a meeting. Good luck blagging that one!
  5. Don’t be overwhelmed by any of the work
    Last but not least, don’t get worked up about how hard you think a piece of work is. Whether it be something your doing off the bat or something you want to be doing in a year or two you can’t afford to scare yourself, you need to remember that you will be learning every day of the apprenticeship and your knowledge and ability is only going to improve. Look at my situation for example, Sam may be a fellow of her Personal Finance Society, but I’ve never seen her bash in a 180 down the local on darts night………there’s some things you can’t teach.

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